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Press Room

Press Room

iPhoto: Sasha Onyshchenko | Dancer: Maude Sabourin

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Olivier Le Galliard
T. 514 849.8681

Press releases and press kits

08/09/22Auditions for The Nutcracker - Children
07/08/22Call for proposals: creation, production and broadcasting residencies
05/03/22Sleeping Beauty by Prima Ballerina Assoluta Marcia Haydée to hit Les Grands Ballets' stage!
04/20/22Les Grands Ballets Unveils their 2022-2023 Season!
04/13/22Les Grands Ballets renews Ivan Cavallari’s mandate as the company’s artistic director
04/05/22Luna: Spotlight on 4 Contemporary Choreographers
03/01/22A New Romeo & Juliet for Les Grands Ballets
12/17/21Les Grands Ballets annulent les représentations du 17, 18, 19 décembre de Casse-Noisette, Le Voyage de Clara
10/18/21The Nutcracker: Clara’s Journey finally back at Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier!
09/15/21An autumn to the sound of Vivaldi’s Four seasons!
08/05/21Les Grands Ballets starts its season in full force with Dancing Beethoven
06/13/21Les Grands Ballets poursuivent leur offre numérique avec la Série Hydro-Québec
05/26/21Les Grands Ballets weds philanthropy and technology to virtual reality for their 2021 benefit gala!
05/18/21Supplémentaires : ÉCHOS est de retour sur scène avec plusieurs nouveautés!
03/30/21Les Grands Ballets premieres ECHOES, a new live show!
03/19/21Call for proposals: creation, production and broadcasting residencies
03/18/21Les Grands Ballets returns to the stage on April 21 with a new show
03/16/21Une première webdiffusion intégrale gratuite pour le public des Grands Ballets
12/16/20Launch of the digital winter programming At Home with Les Grands Ballets
10/16/20The Nutcracker: from the stage to the screen

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