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iPhoto: Damian Siqueiros
iPhoto: Damian Siqueiros
iPhoto: Damian Siqueiros
iPhoto: Damian Siqueiros


iPhoto: Damian Siquieros

Research Projects

Scientific Interest Group

The Scientific Interest Group is an interdisciplinary team of researchers who collaborate to the NCDT research project or who are involved more generally in research projects in the field of dance and well-being. Its members advise the NCDT on all matters concerning research and strategy.

iPhoto: Damian Siqueiros

Scientific Events

National Centre for Dance Therapy

General information

A Unique initiative

Support The National Centre for Dance Therapy

It is thanks to the generosity of our donors that we can develop dance interventions programs and thus contribute to the well-being of our community. Your support allows us to finance our operations and create projects that are accessible to everyone.

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Sanitary Measures

Please review sanitary measures before planning your outing to the ballet.