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Discover the team behind Les Grands Ballets

iPhoto: Damian Siqueiros

Board of Directors


Maurice Côté,

Regional Vice President, Financial Planning, Investment and Retirement Planning - Quebec
Royal Bank of Canada


Marie Lynne Desrochers,

Strategic Advisor
Ai Outcome


Johanne Blanchard,

Legal Advisor and Corporate Director


Marcel Martin,

District Vice President, Retail and Strategic accounts, Quebec & Eastern Canada
AGF Investments Inc.


Jean-Yves Bourgeois,

Executive Vice President of Business Services
Mouvement Desjardins

Sylvain Corbeil,

First Vice President, Business Relationship
Scotia Bank

Carmine D’Argenio,

Chief Executive Officer

Magali Depras,

Chief of Strategy & CSR Officer
TC Transcontinental

Grace Di Meo,

Investment Professional

Nathalie Dubois,

Vice President - Talent, Culture and Evolution

Pascale Elharrar,

Chief Litigation Officer & Managing Director
BMO Financial Group

Sunny Handa,

Blake, Cassels & Graydon

Stéphanie Lavallée,

Fasken Martineau

Laurence Levy,

Vice President, Advice & Service Effectiveness

Bjorn Martin,

Management Consultant

Dino Mazzone,

Lawyer & Partner
Gattuso Bouchard Mazzone S.E.N.C.R.L.

Debra Moses,

Partner, Expatriate Tax Practice Leader
BDO Canada

Nancy Paquet,

Senior Vice President, Strategy Savings and Investment, Retail
National Bank

Ghislain Richter,

Managing partner

Robert Trudeau,

Senior Director, Global Corporate Sales & Quebec Market
Air Canada

Jeannie Vondjidis,

Strategy Consultant & Brand Marketing
Ascendis Consulting



Ivan Cavallari,
Artistic Director
Marc Lalonde,
Executive Director
Gradimir Pankov,
Artistic Director Emeritus
Amandine Dumoulin,
Executive Assistant

Artistic team

Steve Coutereel,
Artistic Coordinator
Hervé Courtain,
Ballet Master
Marina Villanueva,
Ballet Mistress
Rosalie Asselin, Karine Betournay,
Dina Gilbert,
Principal Conductor


Stéphan Pépin,
Production Director
Simon Beetschen,
Technical Director
Benoit Archambault,
Technical Director GB
Gabrielle Lemoine-Brin,
Production Coordinator
Jasmine Kamruzzaman,
Stage Manager
Marc Parent,
Resident Lightning Designer
Raymond Soly,
Resident Sound Designer and Sound Engineer
Kenneth Gregg,
Head Stage Carpenter
Pierre Berthiaume,
Property Master
Patrick Carrière,
Head Lighting Technician
Dominic Drouin,
Assistant Head of Lighting
Denise Morin,
Head Dresser
Mélanie Ferrero,
Head of Wardrobe
Louisanne Lamarre,
Assistant to the Head of Wardrobe
Marie-Hélène Gravel,
Project Manager, Wardrobe
Christelle Deforceville,
Clerk, Wardrobe
Julie Pelletier,
Buyer, Wardrobe
Kéli Alexandre,
Jessica Meghan Marcotte,
Assistant Cutter
Emilie Tremblay Lévesque,
Wardrobe assistant
Michèle Gagné, Eve Boisvert, Anabel Caron, Cecilia Meza, Silvana Fernandez, Natalie Talbot, Hélène Falardeau, Isabelle St-Gelais, Zeina-Nabil Khalife, Yeelen Stanislas,

Marketing, communications and sales

Olivier Le Galliard,
Director, Marketing, Communications and Sales
Jordan Ruiz,
Senior Project Manager, Relationship Marketing, Sales and Data
En recrutement,
Communications and Public Relations Manager
Lorine Berwari,
Community Manager
Alex Labonté,
Relationship Marketing and Web Coordinator
En recrutement,
Digital Marketing and Advertising Specialist
Marlene Thibodeau,
Manager, Box Office and Customer Service
Marie-Pier Brière-Caron, Alessia Coluccia,
Customer Service Agents

Touring and guest companies

Corinne Jozsef,
Director, Touring and Guest Companies


Elise Charbonneau,
Director, Development, Fundraising and Events
Camille Le Bihan,
Senior Project Manager, Fundraising, Sponsorships and Events
Yannick Frégeau,
Coordinator, Events and Volunteers
Mireille Lavigne,
Senior Advisor, Donations and Foundations
Élise Côté,
Fundraising Assistant and Coordinator, Donations and Foundations
Alicia Coche,
Coordinator, Fundraising and Database Management
Sonia Picot,
Sponsorship and Communications Coordinator

National Center for Dance Therapy

Jonathan Heredia De La Cruz,
Director, Community Services and National Dance Therapy Center
Audrée Papineau-Chartrand,
Coordinator, National Centre for Dance Therapy

Studios GB

Jonathan Heredia de la Cruz,
Director, Community Services and National Dance Therapy Center
Kimberly Tremblay,
Leisure Coordinator
Erik Lapierre,
Technical coordinator
Dominique Thibault,
Rental Spaces Coordinator
Mélia Venditto, Annie Laroche, Boumédienne Laredj, Sandrine Melanson,
Receptionists and Customer Service Agent


Mario Théoret,
Director, Finance and Building Operations
Martine Quemin,
Sylvie Lacharité,
Senior Accounting Technician
François Samson,
Accounting Technician

Human resources

Marie-France Daigneault,
Human Resources Manager
Astrid Berthet,
Human Resources Coordinator
Clara Kerneis,
Human Resources Technician
A dancer practices on pointe

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Stay up to date with our latest news and promotions!