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Jeunes gouverneurs

$135,000 raised by Les Grands Ballets' Jeunes gouverneurs
iPhoto: Valérie Paquette

$135,000 raised last season 2017-2018!


Our Events

iValérie Paquette
iPhoto: Valérie Paquette
iPhoto: Sasha Onyshchenko

Organizing committee

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Development & Event department



Elise Charbonneau

Director, Development, Fundraising and Events

echarbonneau@grandsballets.comext. 236

Camille Le Bihan

Senior Project Manager, Fundraising, Sponsorship and Events

clebihan@grandsballets.comext. 225

Carole Vermette

Donations coordinator

cvermette@grandsballets.comext. 255

Rebecca Lowson

Coordinator, Volunteers and Fundraising

rlowson@grandsballets.comext. 229

Élise Côté

Administrative Assistant and Fundraising Coordinator

ecote@grandsballets.comext. 233

Laura Corriveau

Events and Volunteers Assistant

lcorriveau@grandsballets.comext. 285
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