First soloists

Hervé Courtain

Versailles, France
First soloist Hervé Courtain

Jean-Sébastien Couture

St-Jean-sur-Richelieu (Quebec), Canada
First Soloist Jean-Sébastien Couture

Mahomi Endoh

Nara, Japan
First soloist Mahomi Endoh

Jéremy Galdeano

Nîmes, France
First soloist Jéremy Galdeano

Emma Garau Cima

Tarragone, Spain
First soloist Emma Garau Cima

Marcin Kaczorowski

Warsaw, Poland
First Soloist Marcin Kaczorowski

Valentine Legat

Uccle, Belgium
First soloist Valentine Legat

Vanesa Garcia-Ribala Montoya

Madrid, Spain
First soliste Vanesa Garcia-Ribala Montoya

Jeremy Raia

Queens (New York), U.S.A.
First soloist Jeremy Raia

Raphaël Bouchard

Saint-Constant, Quebec
Soloist Raphaël Bouchard

Rubén Julliard

Le Puy en Velay, France
Soloist Rubén Julliard

Sarah Kingston

Vancouver (British Colombia), Canada
Soloist Sarah Kingston

Sahra Maira

Toronto, Canada
Soloist Sahra Maira

Chen Sheng

Shanghai, China
Soloist Chen Sheng

Stephen Satterfield

Glens Falls, NY, United States
Soloist Stephen Satterfield

Leigh Andrew Alderson

Portadown, Northern Ireland
Demi-soloist Leigh Andrew Alderson

Célestin Boutin

Nord-Pas-de-Calais, France
Demi-Soloist Célestin Boutin

Renata Commisso

Sydney, Australia
Demi-Soloist Renata Commisso

Chisato Ide

Shizuoka, Japan
Demi-Soloist Chisato Ide

Vera Kvarcakova

Ostrava, Czech Republic
Demi-soliste Vera Kvarcakova

Marie-Ève Lapointe

Montreal (Quebec), Canada
Demi-Soloist Marie-Ève Lapointe

Jacqueline Lopez

Vancouver (British Colombia), Canada
Demi-Soloist Jacqueline Lopez

Éline Malègue

Saint-Étienne, France
Demi-Soloist Éline Malègue

Anya Nesvitaylo

Kharkov, Ukraine
Demi-Soloist Anya Nesvitaylo

Christie Partelow

Hawthorne (New York), U.S.A
Demi-Soloist Christie Partelow

Ryo Shimizu

Chiba, Japan
Demi-Soloist Ryo Shimizu
Corps de ballet

Corwin Barnette

Mesa, USA
Corps de ballet Corwin Barnette

Esabelle Chen

Taipei, Taïwan
Corps de ballet Esabelle Chen

Émily He

Shanghai, China
Corps de ballet Émily He

Troy Herring

United States
Corps de ballet Troy Herring

Myles Lavallee

Arizona, USA
Corps de ballet Myles Lavallee

Diana Léon

Mexico City, Mexico
Corps de ballet Diana Léon

Jerimy Rivera

New York (New York), USA
Corps de ballet Jerimy Rivera

Andrew Wright

Halifax, Canada
Corps de ballet Andrew Wright

Matthew Cluff

Prince George, British Columbia, Canada
Apprentice Matthew Cluff

Éléonore Thomas

Apprentice Éléonore Thomas
Moving the world. Differently.

Édifice Wilder Espace Danse

In 2017, Les Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montréal, Tangente, the École de danse contemporaine de Montréal and Agora de la danse will be taking up residency in the Wilder Building. Renovated and expanded, the edifice will be equipped with infrastructures meeting international standards: equipment and facilities that are indispensable for positioning Montreal and Quebec as world leaders in dance creation and innovation.


Additional shows!

Good news: we are adding not only one but two performances for Minus One on Wednesday, March 29th, at 8 p.m. and on Saturday, April 1st, at 2 p.m.! Book now and enjoy the best seats.

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