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iPhoto: Damian Siqueiros | Dancers: Emma Garau Cima & Jeremy Raia

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Development & Event department



Elise Charbonneau

Director, Development, Fundraising and Events

Camille Le Bihan

Senior Project Manager, Fundraising, Sponsorship and Events

Laurence Gauvreau-Pecek

Fundraising Coordinator

Laura Corriveau

Events and Volunteers Coordinator

Élise Côté

Administrative Assistant and Fundraising Coordinator

Ways to support Les Grands Ballets

Performances and activities postponed

Due to the preventive measures taken by the Government of Quebec to contain the spreading of Covid-19, the performances of Luna and our dancers’ workshops are postponed.

Please also note that Les STUDIOS and the NCDT suspend all activities until May 4.

Les Grands Ballets thanks you for your understanding.

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