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iPhoto: Damian Siqueiros | Dancers: Emma Garau Cima & Jeremy Raia

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Development & Private Event department



Elise Charbonneau

Director, Fundraising and Events

echarbonneau@grandsballets.comext. 236

Camille Le Bihan

Project Manager, Events and Sponsorship

clebihan@grandsballets.comext. 225

Rebecca Lowson

Coordinator, Volunteers and Fundraising

rlowson@grandsballets.comext. 229

Carole Vermette

Donations coordinator

cvermette@grandsballets.comext. 255

Laura Corriveau

Events and Volunteers Assistant

lcorriveau@grandsballets.comext. 285

Élise Côté

Administrative assistant and fundraising Agent

ecote@grandsballets.comext. 233
Moving the world. Differently.

Édifice Wilder

In 2017, Les Grands Ballets moved to the Édifice Wilder, right in the heart of downtown Montreal. This renovated and expanded building is fully equipped to meet international standards for dance training and performance.

Support us in funding this building and in positioning Montreal and Les Grands Ballets as world leaders in dance creation and innovation.

Ways to support Les Grands Ballets