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Alternate Route

iPhoto: Antoine Saito

Dance Therapy Accreditation

iPhoto: Antoine Saito

Program Details

The Alternate Route is a private program equivalent to 27 master’s credits in dance therapy, for a total of 405 hours:

  • 270 hours in dance therapy
  • 90 hours of movement observation and analysis
  • 45 of group dance/movement therapy

Three intensive three-week sessions
Internationally renowned professors

Admission Criteria

Our admission criteria are based on those of the closest organization delivering accreditation: the Dance/Movement Therapy Certification Board (DMTCB) of the American Dance Therapy Association (ADTA). These criteria are very similar to those of other international organizations.

We suggest that all those interested in the program consult the R-DMT Applicant Handbook.

iPhoto: Antoine Saito
iPhoto: Antoine Saito

Academic Consultants

National Centre for Dance Therapy

General information

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