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Romeo and Juliet youth project

To benefit underprivileged children
iPhoto: Melika Dez | Dancer: Catherine Toupin
iPhoto: Isabelle Grenier
iPhoto: Isabelle Grenier

An Educational Component in Collaboration with une école montréalaise pour tous

By and for Various Foundations

iPhoto: Melika Dez | Dancer: Kiara Felder

How Can You Support the Cause?

iPhoto: Adrienne Surprenant

Become a partner

By becoming partner or donor, you allows us to give life to our Youth Project. Thank you for helping us shape the future.

Elise Charbonneau

Director, Development, Fundraising and Events

Pascale Marquis

Senior Project Manager, Fundraising, Sponsorship and Events (interim)

pmarquis@grandsballets.com514 849-8681

Élise Côté

Administrative Assistant and Fundraising Coordinator