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New Show Dates

May 12th, 2020
Les Grands Ballets
Rachele Buriassi and Maude Sabourin, dancers with Les Grands Ballets
iPhoto : Raphaël Ouellet | Rodeo Production | Dancers : Rachele Buriassi and Maude Sabourin

Note to ticket holders:

We have been able to transfer your exact seats to the equivalent new performance date. Also, the new date corresponds to the same day of the week that you had initially chosen, with the exception of LUNA. Due to a lack of availability at the Maisonneuve Theater at Place des Arts, some LUNA ticket holders will get the same seats reserved for a different weekday or schedule.

If your updated reservation does not suit you, know that you may change your ticket dates or select a different show at any time, at no additional cost!

Your tickets for postponed performances are automatically valid for the new dates, as follows:

Electronic tickets

Physical tickets


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